Can “Complacency Kill?” – Cole & Marmalade Show Us Hidden Dangers You Probably Never Thought Of!

Part of being human is making mistakes… and we all make them! But we can make less mistakes, the ones that can be truly harmful to our cats, if we learn more about the things to avoid.

Cats can get everywhere! They’re fantastic jumpers. They also have very tactile paws. The best advice: try to think like a cat would! If you try to see things in your household as they would, then it will be that much easier to cat-proof it. Cats aren’t just tactile, they like to chew too. ALWAYS be sure that wires and cords are out of reach. There are plenty of things on the market that hide cords safely or strategically place cords behind heavy furniture or under rugs where your cat has ZERO chance of getting to. A cat getting ahold of a wire can have a deadly consequence πŸ™


Just as we protect our children from medications, cleaning products and dangerous wires, we have to protect our felines as well. We are often busy and get things done while multitasking. This is when mistakes are made! Try to focus on one thing at a time. Remember to put things away out of sight and in a secure spot. Plastic bags are a cat magnet! Placing them in a secure drawer is the smart thing to do!


Cats are also fast and very good at hiding. Be sure that they are not in rooms when you shut off the light and close the doors or inside your washing machine! It has happened! Felines are smart, independent creatures but still need the protection of their humans

Our cats, and their well being, are top priority. Taking their safety seriously is how we can really show our love!

Cole & MarmaladeCole & Marmalade are amazing cats! Both rescues, now they spend their days basking in the warm light of fame on YouTube, where their videos amuse and inform people around the world. You can see more of their amazing and hilarious work on their YouTube channel, or visit them on Facebook!

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